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Speedometer repair

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Heres the backbrief...bought an 84 with an 85 MPH speedometer-should have been a big give away that there was a problem. Anyways found a 130 MPH speedometer in the junkyard. So I got it and switched it, but I did'nt switch the odometer part (the guts) because I wanted the same miles that were already on the car. Want I wanted to know is on the cars with the 85 mph face are the back portions calibrated to that face plate? I know that tach off a celica to a supra would be off but the speed? Thanks
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The actual speedometer/odometer needle assy is different between the 85 and 130mph speedo. The Celica and Supra cluster speedo parts are the same stuff though, they both use the same tranny and such.
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