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splitfire spark

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i want to know what "SPLITFIRE" spark i need for mi 5 mge....
i went to the web site an there is nothing for mi car....
any one knows?.
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To my experience with Toyota cars... is has been known to mankind that a Toyota car/truck with non OEM (NGK/ND) plugs would have problems... the NGK/ND plugs is the best plug you can get for your MK2... I have seen far better improvement in changing to the double platinum NGK/ND plugs and for the price... it is a little pricy... but with the discount at TOYOTA dealer... I could get them for 5 bucks a piece instead of 8-10 regular price. and it would last longer than the regular aftermarket subtitute... as what they have said 60,000 miles
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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