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During my recent Detonation Adventures, I walked into a Schucks Auto by where I live-A store that has a fellow MKII owner behind counter-He was not there-The person I dealt with WOULD NOT believe that I did not want to blow up another set of Bosch Plats-And said that was all they stocked-EXCEPT-They have NGK Double Plats at their overstock/No move Whse-Because of price-So Im standing by his spark plug display showing 10 Brands-I start asking him-Do you have these?-Finally-AC Delco Rapid fire/Splitfire/Bosch Plat are my choices-NO Bosch ever again-I had Ok luck with Splits in my 82-But bought Rapid Fires-So far-So good-Got some NGK plats on order-DAMN PARTS STORES!!!!!!! :roll:
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