Spring Clean parts for sale.

Shipping/tracking included. Prices in USD (Paypal only).

Poly Whiskers (seconds) with OEM style clips $75

Font Tool Bicycle part Auto part Metal

Inner lip has imperfection, once mounted unnoticeable
Window Rim Bumper Automotive exterior Tints and shades

Black left side vent
(fins intact) $50
Rectangle Auto part Electric blue Fashion accessory Font

One of the tabs is slightly broken
Triangle Bumper Rectangle Automotive exterior Tints and shades

Dry Carbon fiber Cooling Panel (prototype) with 2 Tek hood stoppers $150

Sunglasses Sleeve Bumper Rectangle Automotive exterior

Dry Carbon Fiber Air scoop
(splitter guides cool air into fender intake) $125

Sleeve Rectangle Bag Wallet Fashion accessory

CF wrapped Headlight buckets
and CF poly whiskers complete with clips (used) $160

Brown Rectangle Gadget Material property Audio equipment

L/R $175

Plastic intact, driver side motor works (light scratch), passenger side motor not working

Gadget Bumper Handheld game console Video game console Playstation portable

Rectangle Automotive exterior Auto part Electric blue Font

PM me any questions or if interested. I will be adding more parts soon...