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Springs/coil overs

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A while ago, TomD on the Yahoo list said that there was a honda kit that we could use for coil overs for our fronts...

Do anyone have info on what application we would use?

Also, which will allow for a better launch for a car that should (mathematically anyway) be a high 12 second car... ST's or Eibachs?
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Hey guys whats up?

Anyways I wanna know your opinin on on both E springs and ST springs?
I know ST's go lower but since I'm a Drifter I dont know if thayll work for that. Are E's ment more for sport or for show or vise versa??? Also the last time I went to Drift day or DD7 in Fontana California Sponserd by Club 4AG. I saw an MK2 with Fully Ajustable front coilover setup :shock: No shit on the real!!!!!! To me thats some thing new he gave me his card told me if I or any one I know that has an MK2 Supra or any Supra ever needed some thing just to call him or E-mail him Ill post the # and E-mail so if you guys ever need something just hit him up. At the moment Im tied up for cash But if you guys arnt do the good thing and get more sweet stuff for your supras!!!!! Oh tell him Alex sent you Tell him it was the guy with the red MK2 at DD7 "Drift Day7" 8)

Michael Urband
"Performance Consultant"

E-mail [email protected]

BUS: 562-924-0228

CELL: 562-673-5650
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Before I forget Remember to post here If you calld him?????
Yah wtf man lol J/K

No but on the real it has been more then what 3 months now.... So whats up with the stuff????
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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