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stall at stop?? HELP

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hi. i have an 85 supra and i have owned it for a week now. it ran fine until a half hour ago when i stopped at a stop sign and held the clutch in, the rpm's dropped and the car stalled. i started up and it kept doing it all the way home, about a mile. i need help with this. thanksss
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Stall at stop

My 1985 supra has been doing the same thing for about 1.5 years. It starts right back up after it dies. I have taken it in to see if they can figure out what the problem is, but the dealer says that because it happens so infrequently, they can't tell me what the problem is. I have had them check the fuel pump, they say that's ok. Where do I go from here? I don't know, but if someone else can help both of us, that would be great.
I had this problem...Also, upon start up, the car wouldn't charge until revved above 3k. Turned out the problem was with the alternator plug. One of the three blades of the plug on the alt was bent to the side and so didn't get pushed into the plug.

i would check your egr system. other than that does your car idle ok, if it doesn't it may be a vacumn problem.
no it doesn't idle okay. it just keeps dropping down to 500.
is that your tach reading or your engine analyzer reading. the tach in the dash reads about 150 slower then engine speed below 1k at 1k it's right on the mark and at anything above 1k it gets to be about 300 rpm of by about 4.5k that's why the revvlimiters aren't found till the tach itself reads about 6800
its my tach reading.
get an engine analyzer. and whatever you do don't adjust the idle screw on the throttlebody. it is set from the factory and should not be adjusted. your idle is prolly perfectly fine. is it rough? my car used to idle around 450 smooth as a bubble. then i replaced my iscv and it works perfectly idles about 650 w/out a/c and 750 with it on. if it's doing what you say it's doing do what i did i also had this happen in my car. take the egrcv(brown circular thing eith two hoses going to the throttlebody.) there is a filter in it that morelikely then not needs replaced and your gonna need at least 2 cans of that b-12 chemtool carb and choke cleaner. just spray in evgery hole you can find in it it prolly has more carbon then a bag of charcoal in it. mine sure did. after that it might give you trouble a lil more but it'll clear out. worked like a cham on my car.
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I'm siding with Nick. Look at the voltage gauge. Does it read "normal", about 13-14 volts, when the engine is at speed? Depress the clutch, does the needle drop to below 11 volts when the RPM's drop? May be a bad alternator or corroded/broken connection.

Light up the sky.
how could a bad alternator be causing his car to die? my bad alternator made that battery super low at times and the only way i could even see the headlights beam on the street was to revv the engine to about 2500. but it even idled. the blowerfan went from what felt like high to les then low still on the high setting and i couldn't see the guages anymore but it still ran.
Simple. Guess where the EFI system get's it's power source from??? Yep, the battery.... If it's barely charged, it's not going to function very well.
It might also be a vacuum leak somewhere between the AFM and intake. On my 82 (about 100 yearsd ago) I once had a tiny hole develop in the plastic intake canister that caused this same problem.

Phil G.
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