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Starting after two years of sleep

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Ok I have searched on the forums and wanted to make sure I didnt miss anything.

I put my car up two years ago Halloween and I am thinking about bringing her back to life this coming weekend. I just have to try the short shifter. :p

Anyway I am going to pull the stock 5mge from my car and transplant it into our other supra(this has been the standing plan for some time now :oops: )

The oil pressure was a bit low on my 5mge and I want to diagnose and fix the problem while its in my car before the transplant.

Anyways Should I pour some oil into the pistons and let it sit for a day or two first? Or is there a better way?

I am going to do a fluid change before anything and then I was thinking about pulling the coil wire and cranking it over before starting her.

Please give me some ideas as to things to do or not to do.

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Just put oil in it, and pull the coil wire and crank it over a few times.

Do our engines have skirt oil squirters?
on these engine pull the fuel pump fuse and the coil wire, crank it for about 15 seconds twice and let it sit for a day. the put the fuse in and start her up.
the way i was told to do it...
-open the cam covers and liberally douse the cams with oil, as theyre the most oil starved part on our cars.
-pour some oil into the pistons
-remove the EFI fuse
-crank it over a couple times
-let sit over night
-douse cams again
-crank again
-fill fluids
-replace fuse and start.

10000 hard kilometers on her since and shes been behaving great.
doing the double start trick in the mornings to get the air lock outa the lube system.
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Oiling the cams (& valve stem seals) is definatly a good idea after sitting for two years and oiling the cylinders is a must. (it doesn't take much in the cylinders)

Because the car has been sitting so long I would be tempted to use a motor oil with a detergent in it. Most oils for diesel engins have this to help dissolve carbon deposits ect. What does everyone else think about detergent oil to clean out a stored engine??? you WILL be switching to synthetic afterwards right?????

thanks I plan on taking her out this weekend I have some work to do to make that happen but I need to drive a supra.
all oils come with detergents in them. the synthetics have more detergents then regular oils. i use a synthetic blend. you CAN use a thing called motor flush it's the best stuff on the market you put it in for 5 mins idling and replace the oil but i wouldn't recommend doing it unless you were going to replace your oilpan gasket because you NEED to clean out the pan afterwards on these older engines.
Engine Flush ... Never heard of it. Sounds cool.
i used it on an old carolla and shortly after they changed the oil in it asnd like geniouses thought it used only one quart of oil like their mowers(which usually use half a quart making me wonder) and they burnt all of the mainbearings and rod bearings. but that motor flush made that 210k engine look CLEAN inside. still shiny metal (only drove it 150 miles after the flush) i wanted to call them stupid for changin the oil after i had JUST done it. that engine was seized so i said fuck it. anyways that stuff is called motor flush and it's at most autoparts stores in a plain ass grey container.
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