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Stiff Accelerator

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On Saturday i'm buying an 85 mkII. I test drove it yesterday and noticed just 1 problem. The accelerator is incredibly hard to push down from a stop. Once you start going, it's not too bad but still rather stiff. How would i get this fixed or what problems do i look for? Is it just the cable is over-tightened or what?
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Sounds like there is carbon buildup around the throttle plate. You need to remove the intake pipe and spray some carb cleaner around there and gently brush the carbon away while holding the throttle plate wide open.
Mine did the same thing, I just lubed the throttle body linkage and it was fine, lots of gunk can build on on the pivot points, some WD 40 and a brush may do the trick.
And in the mean time negotiate a better price for your troubles :wink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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