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Anytime you move the peak lobe lift in relation to the lobe centerline you will slightly adjust the rocker/follower ratio in in an OHC engine that uses them. This and increasing ramp speeds are part of the "cheater cam" methodology. Also why they are refferered to as "cheater" cams.
(For those that aren't familiar with the term,... In racing classes where the stock lift and duration MUST be maintained, these techniques are used to squeeze that litttle extra HP/torque out an engine while maintaining the stock cam "profile".)
Too bad the 7M doesn't have a rocker at all. The disc riding on the cam has to spin to prevent excessive wear, so the lobes are ground on a slight slant, and the disc MUST be flat and offset slightly fore and aft to the centerline of the lobe. I belive it was VW that pioneered/perfected this arrangement.
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