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I, too, like the look of the Starion/Conquest 16" wheels (from the later models). The info I have on these is the following; wheels sizes in inches, offsets, in parentheses, in mm. They came in two configurations:

16x7 (+18) front [ edit, apparently "8 + )" = "stupid smiley face", that's supposed to be +18 offset]
16x8 (-10)

16x8 (+18) front [ +18 offset ]
16x9 (0) rear

As already mentioned, since hub adapters are at least about an inch (~25mm) thick, these may not work out too well. The only ones that may work would be using a front pair of 16x7s in front and a front pair of 16x8s in the rear; possibly the front 16x8s could work all around on a mk2, but may stick out way too much in front. I'd rather not try this route, though, because what I really like about these wheels is the steep dish of the rear wheels.

Alternatively, I think there were some Aus guys working on a 5-lug conversion, which should leave the hubs close to stock position. I seem to remember that they had either the front or rear worked out with readily available parts, but the other axle used some really rare parts... brain fog won't clear up to let me remember right now.

Anyway, Wheel Collisions and a few other places sell these wheels completely refinished for about $500-700, and they look great. But add to that hub adapters or a 5-lug conversion, and the price gets close to custom wheels anyway.

It's been stated (by TomD) that these wheels aren't too tough and tend to bend a lot, but I haven't seen this myself.


Jimi B
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