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Stocks or 15 Mags

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Help me decide.

I have had hiding in my garage a brand new set of 15x7 (or 8?) Chrome mag wheels. (the usual 80s ghetto ones)..

However, I'm partial to the stock wheels look ever since I sold my last MK2. I think it's the fact that the big tires they use fill up the gap better. The 15s I used to have had 50 series tires and it looked great, but it was lowered some. I plan on keeping stock height, so I might have to stay with the 14s.

Does anyone have pictures of 15 mags with 50 or 60 series tires on them?
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Use the stockers....

and sell the 15's to me :wink:

Seriosly... so long as the 15's aren't really ugly looking wheels, I would go with them... the tire selection alone would almost be enough to make me deal with ugly wheels.
I'll have to take a close look at em. The main negative to losing the stock 14s is that they have brand new tires from the previous owner. Stock rims with tires don't seem to hold much value.

How would 225/60/15 look on the MK2?
I'm shooting for 225/50/15's.... if I can ever find a set of 15" wheels that are reasonably priced (you would think thats not as hard as it's been..considering everyone wants the Blingbling 17's and up now..) Little less sidewall and a little wider contact patch, which is good if your pushin boost and thinking about running some road course.
I found a picture of the same rims.. Onedic on here had them in his yahoo profile

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they're not so hard to find bob. Lots of good deals from Centerline, check out that thread. But cool old school rims are pretty easy to find in 15 inch too, just hard to get them wide enough.
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