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Strange VIN number... Please help!!!!!

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I just bought a 85 5MGE, but from what i have read on the forum, the VIN number does not correspond .
The number is: JT1LBMA6100166548
I have seen here only numbers starting with JT2xxxxx....
Do you think i should worry?
Is something wrong somewhere inbetween car model-engine-year?
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That's a European VIN, with a build date of June '85.
Thank you :p
You know how it can be "descifred"???
Is there any diference between "europeans" and "the others"?
The major markets for the Supra (Japan, Australia, Europe and North America) all had minor spec differences. For instance, N. America got 2 levels of trim/performance and got more restrictive emmisions control, Australia got a single cam head, and Japan got some different engine options.

Where are you?
Romania, but the car was bought from Germany by the former owner 6 years ago, who drove it for 1 year, and parked it for the last five because it did not start anymore. I found the injectors in the trunk, cleaned them, installed them, and the car started immediately, like a new one. Everything in the car is "as new", but i found out he replaced the stock automatic transmision with a manual one.

PS: It has only 75.000 km onboard
looking around at several websites, I've found that a jt1 is either a japan-produced or european-produced vehicle. The seventh digit is an A, and that shows it being a Supra, as well as the 8th digit stating it being a 5m, but not much matches up after that.
Here's some websites that may help you...
In Europe all mk2 Supra VINs are JT1LBMA61 plus a number 8 figure serial number.
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