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Well im not a noob i've just never needed to ask this...

Where is the fuel filter located on a 85 mk2? :D

I've owned my two tone 85 for 3 years and havent had to change it so I think i should. :shock:

Pics would be helpful too :lol:
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fuel filter

It is located on the driver's side of the engine block below the intake manifold. Just so you know it isn't the easiest to get to either. Goto this link
and Phil has some good photos of where the filter is located. He's half right about being easier to pull the engine :lol:
Hope this helps,
i found its easyiest to get to from the front left side of the engine.
pull out the coolant overflow tank, and reach down and in... youll find it eventually.

also, if you have slim arms, and dont mind being covered in gas, its not hard getting them from underneath, at least when i tried it.
Guys that is a pressure regulator under the intake manifold. The filter is in the tank before the fuel pump.
Ummm....No, they know what they're talking about. There may be a mesh screen in the tank; like a "big-chunk-stopper" screen or bag, but the fuel filter they are referring to is a nasty SOB under the intank mani. Waaaayyyyy easier with the engine out for sure :D
But not impossible from underneath even with not so slim arms. Just gotta be willing to be pee'd on by your Supra :wink:
Under intake,behind motor mount.17mm wobbly and about 3 feet of extension for the top bolt.Bottom,get from underneath,same tools,run extension trhu PS lines.Then 2 12mm bolts to bracket on block.
Be careful on reassembly,those damn little copper washers get eaten by x-member when they slip off the banjo bolts,never to be seen again. :roll: Take your time. Bottom bolt is a MOFO to get started sometimes.
Yeh those bolts holding it on are a son of a biatch. It took about 35 mins for me to do the removal/install. Yeh taking the coolant overflow tank out makes it much easier. A swivel would really help with the bottom bolt.

maybe im a freak, but i found a stubby 17mm wrench to be the perfect tool for taking the fuel lines off.
just pulled the overflow tank, laid on the engine and reached in from the front.

not easy, but doable to be sure.

the 12mm bolts i just used a 1/4 drive ratchet with a bunch of extensions and a couple swivels.
didnt even have to get the ratchet under the intake, the whole thing was long enough for me to keep the ratchet out by the coolant tanks location.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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