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Here's the tilt/lift mechanism that allows the sunroof to drop and slide under the roof. These are also what is attached to the cables that move the sunroof.
Mine appear to be in great shape, so I just I cleaned and re-lubed them.
This is the down or open position, and then the closed or lifted-up position:

2 other problems to solve:
* Sunroof drive clicking at the end of travel (open or close)
* Back of sunroof not coming-up into place - there's a gap when closed like this:

So, I removed the switch assy to pull the motor - [screw drops]
Hey! motor was only held-in by one screw - most likely causing a mis-alignment of the drive mechanism.
Here's the missing mounting screw:

After you remove the motor you can see the cables that move the sunroof, and mesh with the pinion of the sunroof motor drive assy:

I cleaned-up, and re-lube the pinion of the drive assy, and give the adjustment screw ~ 1/10 of a turn in.
Figuring it's getting sloppy and could use a little snugging-up:

Rec'd a new SR seal from Mark at Vancouver (thks)
Here you can see the old seal collapsed, and deteriorating compared to the new seal:

Installed the new seal - ready to go:

Except the new seal has small gap in one corner - filled it up with black acrylic RTV:

Now ready to install:

Good news - clicking is gone, and operation is smooth. Best of all the gap is gone too:
Before / After

I think the gap was caused by the sunroof not being pulled far-enough to trigger the lifting mechanism. The missing screw, and possibly the 1/10 turn on the SR drive assy corrected this.

I may do some final adjustments after the RTV cures, and the seal settles-in.


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wow. I'm getting my car painted right now, and showed my paint guy the little rust places that were creeping out around my sunroof seal. Bet it's hideous under that seal, that's why I already have a new one on the way :thumbsup:
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