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Folks, I found a trifecta of Sunroof(s) at a local yard.

One is from a Celica, (same part?? please chime in!)

I wanted to know if anyone was interested in any parts, before I start hacking into them as sacrifices to learning the sunroof ins and outs. 2 of 3 still have original paint and all 3 are level and seated properly, which usually means the little plastic bits havent broken off yet. I will do my work and search for conventional wisdom when removing and reinstalling on the previous forum posts.

All three are not rusty at all either, which may be of help to our snowbelt/Eastern friends. Give a shout out in a week, they may not be there in the future!!

BIG question: can you remove tracks ( have a set already) and replace ones in a car? or should I just rivet a chunk of metal on top ;)

Eric G
Enjoy, Eric G
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