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lol, it's actually about 2cm off to the left.... I got this mod from Matt H and one of us will eventually get the time to do a writeup on it. although, it's not a "highly" sought after mod. looks cool though, and does work as intended by Toyota. as soon as I find my digital cam's cord to download the pics to the puter I'll post a few pics of it in action.

*edit* I do still have all the papers together from where I had to trace all the wires from the diagrams... after a few calls to MattH in Maryland I got it all worked out.

Some of the things you have to tap into include, the speed sensor, 1 of the injectors wires, ECU-B power wire(the BIG white one) and a few others... not a big deal really, just time consuming. installing the display is the worst part of the surgery though, a dremel against the cluster tends to give me a strange feeling of panic. If I had to, I could do it again in a few hours, but the first time took me the better part of a weekend.


Muchbzy said:
The L-types came with a trip computer. Talk to Mike Weber he did an install into his P-type that really looked factory! 8)
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