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Yesterday I was cruising my stock 5M-GE powered MKI around. I haven't driven it much, considering I just got it running properly. Anyways, I'm sitting at a light, and I hear an exhaust buzz pull up next to me. I look over and see shiny rims, a spoiler and some kind of body kit on a black Prelude. Well he certainly wasn't expecting a battle, because as soon as the light turned I hit full throttle (auto) and was gone. He caught up a little ways down the road and paced me at about 30, then revved his engine twice. So I slammed it into 2nd and took off, pulling probably about 1-2 car lengths on him. I let off a bit and he caught up, then I hit it again and walked him. I did that about 3 times, then slowed down as I realized i was doing 60 in a 35 :shock: . It was fun, I think he was pissed, no one expects an old school Toyota Celica to be fast :D. Silly Hondas.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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