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Presenting a potato quality thread: Supra Banner Replacement

We begin. The original stickers were old, cracked and dry. Impossible to peel off so I had to use a pinstripe removal wheel.

No turning back from this point:

Mostly gone:

I thought this was kind of interesting, looks like they didn't cut the factory sticker around the hole for the lock cylinder, just pushed it right through:

Masked from the inside to keep the rubber bits out:

Success! And keep out, ya bastards:

Lovely mess:

And now we are left with the ghost of banners past:

A remedy for a ghost letter, I am not able to fork over the cash for a paint job yet and this banner will only be in use use until that time. So I created backgrounds for the letters with rounded edges similar to those of the original.

I only had enough black background material for one cut, so I cut them out of temporary removable vinyl first to make sure they fit over the original letters:

Great success:

After the test run the car was fitted with black stickers of the same shape:

Tough to see them at all from some angles:

Letter application begins. My banner will now be gold metallic to match my quarter window vinyls and my トヨタ grille badge on the front.

It was tough to see where the hatch ended and the sticker backing began so I put on some frog tape to help me find the edges when placing:

I had to do a few letters over. Good thing I had extra gold material.

Final result! It's not perfect, but it's much better than it was and that's good enough for now. :)

And yes my car desperately needs a bath. One of these days, Alice.

Edit: Actually, today Alice.

Gave her a wash and borrowed a camera for a non-potato shot.


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hell yeah the gold is right on the money with that one! tho i agree with tanya, the ghost letters might work. Ive seen quite a few ghost effect paint jobs and they are all really bad ass in person.

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I had never even heard of a pinstripe removal wheel, thanks for the tip. Nice work too.
It works really well and they are cheap too, Less than 20 bucks if I remember correctly. I found it when looking to remove pinstripes (of course) from some fenders I got from Dave (Yotafan). I was very happy to find it worked well on the banner too.

I kind of liked the ghost letter effect :x
That's funny cause I actually did too. When I got to that point I was thinking if I knew it was going to look like that I might have removed the original banner months ago before actually starting the project.

great result. do you have a printer/cutter?
Gold does give a nice Color contrast.
I have a Silhouette Cameo cutter I picked up sometime last year I use for vinyl. Took a bit of trial and error to figure out and when I got better at working with vector graphics I ended up with better cuts. I have done a ton projects with it, including car decals, t shirts, even my mailbox.

Quarter windows:

Louver phoenix:


Reflective vinyl, makes my house easy to find at night:
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