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To be on the safe side, say anything above shoulder height (when seated) is compatible between the Celica and Supra...with a few exceptions.

*Front seats: Celica GTS and Supra p-type
*Rear armrests and panels
*A-pillar, B-pillar and C-pillar trims
*Hatch area cover in front of tail lights
*Hatchback cover (covers wiper motor)
*Hatch area roll-away cover
*Rear shock tower covers (the molded carpet domes)
*Upper door trim (padded portion) only
*Headliner trim above door windows and around sunroof
*Interior mirror
*Small things like: door handle and cups, door lights, rear speaker grills, seat belts
*Jury still seems to be out on carpet compatibility
*You MAY be able to use an entire Celica door trim panel, armrest and all, for a direct swap for the Supra door trim panel. Never tried that. Don't know if the electrical harnesses would be the same.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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