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Supra Names?

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I'm still kind of new to the forum and supras for that matter. Do you guys/gals have names for your cars? I just can't think of a good name for mine and was wondering if i'm crazy for thinking about naming her
Any siggestions for me?? :?
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My 85 Black: Blacky, Blackpra, Blackbird, DA Crow, My Baby :D
My 84 White: Whity
My 83 (RIP :cry: ): Bluepra, Bluebird, My true Blue freind
(I dont mean to offend white people, or any other race for that matter)
It depends.
If she's running well I usually call her My Sweet Girl.
If she's not, it's You Old Whore. and maybe some more colorful language too.
My cars name is "Sally" AKA "The Great White Shark" She loves cruising for guppy snacks(4cyl) :twisted: . AKA "Baby" when wife isnt in the car :wink: And names unmentionable when she wont start :roll:
Red 83 = Turbo Toad :D
White 83 = Slow Toad :oops:

Mine was named Downshift. And here's why...

You might notice on Malloy's site this handy picture of a Transformer...
Sorry for taking up bandwidth, but when I linked it, it came up page not found.

Well, his name happens to be "Downshift".
And if you look at my avatar, you'll see a slight resemblance.

The funny part is- I am a big Transformers fan, but I did not even know that he existed until well after I bought my Supra. I was paging through a Transformers toy guide and caught site of a very familiar looking rear quarter window design. Sure enough, there was my car, even with a moonroof outline on his roof. Only thing that didn't match was his rear bumper was white, while my car's was black. All of a sudden, my car had a name!

So, how did I miss him, being a big Transformers fan and all? Well, he was never on the show or in the comics. Nor was he available in toy stores. He was a mail-away figure.

Eventually I snagged a Downshift off of EBay and I now have him in my collection.
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I call mine Frank... As in Frankenstien. She's got parts on her from just about every year Mk II there is, plus some Ford and Chevy parts, some MK III and some Mk IV parts...
The Event Horizon.
Ever see the movie?
Yes, I saw the movie... A haunted spaceship in the middle of nowhere doing strange things to peeps. And it has a mind of it's own.... When you gave that name to your MKII, that's when I started LMAO... That was pretty funny & I figured out the connection.

As for me...

85 SDR MKII: Redpra, The Red GoFastMobile, or my GF likes to call it: "The Little Red ....." 8)

81 Silver MKI: Silverpra, or most of the time: "The Silver Slug", or just "The Slug". One of our "jokers" on the Yahoo list came up w/ "Silver Supository", but I promptly veto'd that one... :p :roll:
Great names and stories guys. Keep 'em coming :D
91 Legend = Legend O Power
ported head, intake, exhaust, really mean front end, 100shot NOS, etc etc

92 Stanza = Ricy
homemade intake, crappy exaust, big rims, REALLY low, bumpin system

82 Supra = Still thinking of a name, have to wait till im done with it
85 Black = JB or Jaybe (never really ever write it...), also "my baby", my "girl", etc.
and, on occasion, other more colorful names when things aren't working so right
PS, my girlfriend refers to me as my cars bitch, if that gives you some idea of the relationship between me and my baby...
Sparky said:
85 Black = JB or Jaybe (never really ever write it...), also "my baby", my "girl", etc.
and, on occasion, other more colorful names when things aren't working so right
PS, my girlfriend refers to me as my cars bitch, if that gives you some idea of the relationship between me and my baby...
:lol: :lol:
My mk2 was named Sadie by the previous owner. I just call it "my baby", but whenever I'm working on it I call it every 4 letter word in the book :D

My 87 I just call "the bucket"

The mk4's name is club320 (always blasting club music and 320 for the hp)

Havent given the 88 a name yet.

85 blue: Blue, Blupra, my friend calls it poopra

84 black: was my baby, but now shit box cuz it don't run and it doesn't like me.
84 mk2 supra, i call her clara. after a girl i had a crush on that turned me down in the worst possible way, but i still have her up on that high pedistal
hmm, not much into naming cars but if I did I'd name this old dawg "Christine", like the car in the movie. It's red, it's old and I can identify with the crazy nerd owner from the movie on many levels.

Oh and EDIT: My blue 84 6mgte is now know as The Blue Burner. :rotfl:

i havn't really decided on a name for my mk2 but i'd proablly name it after my girlfriend considering i show my car with almost attentino i show my girlfriend so what better name to call her than coriann after my girlfriend. but ya gotta be nice to your car when it's not running right cause then it's not gonna wanna run right or anything

My wife's '86 Celica is called Celia, so she insisted that my Celica-Supra be called Celia-Sue. Still not really sure I like it. I was also thinking about getting JZA-61 vanity plates when the 1JZGTE is in, but I think I'll keep it as sleepy as possible. I kinda like the whole "JZA-61" thing because non-Toyota-heads have no clue what it means and Toyota People usually stop and go hmm...ahhh!!

- Justin
My '81s name is Trogdor, after a fictional cartoon dragon who likes to "burninate" peasants. the celica symbol is the dragon, it burninates hondas, i thought it fit. i also call it the dawg. before I got it running it had a name about 14 words long, all of them something you might expect to hear from a sailor, strung together in new and imaginative combinations man never thought possible.
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