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well today i'm going down to PA to knoebels amusment park right. and well as i'm just not even leaving my town on one of the main streets at like 7:30 in the mourning i see like 4 diff mk2's and i'm in the back seat yelling holy shit!!!! and they like what what what i was like mk2 supra!!!! they start yelling at me for screaming lol. well what i saw was one that live's right down street from me 83 supra maroonish brownish color then i saw a silver sparkly one lol. and then i saw user henge's supra. most mk2's i've seen within 3 minutes or 3 week for that matter lol hell only mk2's i've seen around here are mine which isn't even drivable so nothing to talk about lol and henge's.


P.S. i love mk2's hehe
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