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Supra sounds like a plane!

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I was going to the bay with some friends (ladies). They both have never been inside my supra. With the high flow cat and muffler my mk2 is loud outside and inside the car. Long story short, one of them said that sitting inside it felt like they were in an airplane. The deep throaty sound like the turbines of a plane and the lauching of 1st and 2nd gear made them feel like they were in a plane flying.
I smiled back :) I recall someone's sig saying "supra, the only way to fly" That was the first thing that popped up in my mind

If it was dark and I had gauges and gagets lighted up all over my "cockpit" with a little magic dust the supra can fly.
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Lots of people from the Bay area on this forum. Must be related to the large asian population/japanese cars. I miss San Jose :(
my white mk2 use to sound like a plane too, but it was because the fan clutch was stuck on, you might want to check that out :wink:
Zank, we all have jets, not prop jobs like you. :lol: :bling: :patriot: :woowoo:
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