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Ha! Need I say more? I was sitting at a stop light last fall and this little ugly green Neon with 3 guys pull up next to me and start checkin' out my 86. I looked over at my x-girlfriend (Liza) in the passanger seat and I heard the dude rev-up his little windy motor. He had one of those turbo muffler things on, and to me they sound kind of dorky. Anyway the light being still red, I look over at Liza again and she knew what was up....

I thought "what the hell," I rev up the car once and look at the three guys smile back....hehe. a couple of seconds the light turns green. He barrels out and I pause for a second and let it out with a nice little chirp on the the time I was in second I was blasing by the Neon and I stopped at the next light with the Neon still in the rear view mirror.

It was too fun! I knew I had um from the start so I just decided to wait for a second and give my self a handycap. I'm lucky I didn't get a ticket cause it was on the 2nd busiest street in our town (police haven). :wink:
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