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Supraguy31(Robert Maynor) - Negative

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See above.

Not much to say. I paid for some parts and never received them. Not sure if something happened or if he's a crook. Plenty of these cars are being parted out. I'd buy from someone else.

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Robert is a long time member and good guy. I've met him several times. I'm guessing he's pretty broken up about loosing his car (he's had that thing for a really long time) and hasn't been up to dealing with its demise. I'd continue trying PMing him and posting in his thread.

Also he used to be in the military, not sure what he's up to these days but might still be involved and unavailable currently for work\duty or something.
Actually post like this kind of has me worried if he's OK. I haven't communicated with him directly since around Christmas.
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