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Are there any takers for a Tuner Shop Challenge at this year’s Supras Invade Las Vegas event? Nero has said the Titan Motorsports Supra will be back to set all new records this year. Can anyone stop this Supra? Any shop that would like to be included in the Tuner Shop Challenge please contact [email protected] directly. The competition will include a show class, drag class, and dyno class. Awards will be given for each category.

Participants in the Tuner Shop Challenge will be able to reserve an approximate time for their dyno runs on Sunday October 5 by prepaying the dyno fee. Only Tuner Shop Challenge participants will be able to reserve a time slot.

This is the best way to prove finally, who really is the best of the best. Everyone will be at the same place, under the same conditions.

The Tuner Shop Challenge is open to any generation Supra. Just be warned… Last year Titan went 9.2 in the quarter and dropped over 1100rwhp.

Of course this IS Vegas after all… does anyone have the guts to put out a money challenge?
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