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Interesting. I thought the IRS celica & supra were essentially the same from the firewall back, have never heard of the rear sway bar being a different thickness. I did notice when scrolling through some part #s, can't remember what now, but somehting made me think that the solid axcel and IRS celicas had different front swaybars though. Hmm.

No local manufacturers make an uprated rear swaybar for our cars to my knowledge, only front ones. I haven't been keen to change just the front as I like the way my car handles now; don't want to promote more understeer.

BTW I changed my front swaybar bushings to poly. Susp shop just measured the swaybar diam with calipers and grabbed something the right size, I don't think it was specifically a toyota celica/supra part -Maybee you could do the same with the rears??
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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