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swaping 7mge in to my 82

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does anyone have the wiring instructions for swapping my 7mge in to my 82 ptype?
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5MGE electronics

I'm actually still running the MKII electronics (from 1985) on a 7MGE.

It runs pretty good ;)

Yes, I know it doesn't run nearly as nicely as a 7MGTE. 8(

what alterations did you have to make to the harness. I'm very familiar with honda wiring, this is my first toyota, and hopefully not my last. so i'm not car illiterate. what has to be changed to make it work?
I don't think a 7MGE would work as well with 82 electronics as it does with an 85s. The ECU/management system isn't as good.
alright, sounds like i'm in for some fun
You should definately go with the 7mge electronics in an 82.That's why a donor car is so important,not just the engine.But,on a good note,7mge electrical parts are easier to find than gte parts.The wiring is VERY similar for either,just the underhood stuff is ge/gte specific for the most part.
Finding a stock engine harness for the ge-vs-gte is a cake walk,if you have to build from scratch.Been looking for gte harness' for a friend for about 6months,to fix a modded 89.I'm trading my 89 engine harness for a 91,so he can fix his 89 and have all the correct plugs,as they differ thru the years.
so pretty much i'm starting from scratch on the wiring of this motor
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