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Which swap?

The 6M-GE = Direct drop in
The 7M-GTE = Not totally hard, but not easy
The 1JZ-GTE = Slightly harder than 7M
The 2JZ-GTE = Hardest swap of all.

The most popular swap is the 7M-GTE. No fabrication needed, just drop it in and use some parts from your 5m. For the 1JZ you'll need to use different engine mounts and you'll have to extend the wiring harness if your car is left hand drive. For the 2JZ you'll have to do a lot more then the 1JZ. The 2JZ is definitely the hardest of the swaps. Norbie has done a 2JZ swap and documented just about everything, check out his site,

If this is all new information to you, use google and you'll find several walk throughs on how to most of these swaps.
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