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Finally got access to my original account...

Anyhow im also ShadeTreeHoonigans
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Good for you.
It has been difficult to get your old name back.;)
It takes a while.

What information can you share with all of us?
Looks like a lowered P type in your avatar. (y)
The avatar itself is actually when the car was purchased (maybe a couple weeks after) but it has made a huge transformation since that picture was taken 6+ years ago.

1985 SDR (needs re-painted)
0 rust
Bc coilovers
Rear camber mod
Super pro bushings in the rear subframe
T3 Front angle kit (gtx2 front control arm kit).
Q45/mpv brake mod up front
Konig rewind wheels Street/Drag Radials out back firehawk indy up front (id have to check sizes)
Volvo Front lip

Built 7m:
cp pistons
stock rods
clevite bearings
arp mains and connecting rod bolts
bored .040 over
4 angle valve job
hot cammed
850 cc injectors
1zz coil packs
custom coil bracket
fidanza cam gears
titan metal hg 1.4mm
aeromotive fpr
mk3 mishi radiator
mishi 1jz intercooler
custom ic piping
mishi oil cooler
precision 62/66 turbo
4inch down pipe to 3 inch straight pipe
solid mounts

R154 trans:
Complete marlin crawler built trans
cube short throw (looking into finding a old c's shifter one day soon)

ljm strut bar
cusco rear strut bar
Whiteline front and rear sway bars.
Running Ms3x standalone ecu
Raspberry Pi Dash
msd tach adaptor ( its being used but the tablet dispays it also)
Custom oil catch can

Phew my fingers are tired I'm sure ive missed stuff here and there but thats the list off the top of my head...
The car was Previously 5mgte the hard way and then switched it over the 5mgte to run on ms3x Then oil starved the car driving it too hard on the Dragon (US129 Tail of the Dragon) which is local to me if theres anyone in Tennessee i may have not met yet lol..

Also built a 1uz swapped 83 that was on Nitrous and then sold the car
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You can use this for your signature: CUBIC DOLLARS.💲💲💲💲
sweet! | Toyota Celica Supra Forum
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Welcome back!

Thats one nice looking 7mgte, and I don't say that often lol
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