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Here in Texas, the sun is hell on paint so I've been there. My redpra had been polished over and over again over the years and still looked very good but you could see that the primer was starting to show through ever so slightly on the top corners of the hatch. Its especially those hard angles and corners of the supra body that can very easily be polished through by a power buffer. I wound up repainting the redpra all over after a minor fenderbender rather than try to match panels and keep them matched. If you decide to try to polish it out, at this point I'd plan a weekend project and do very carefully by hand. The 3M polishes, cleaner, polish, swirl remover and hand glaze are great but expensive. There is already another topic here somewhere about everyone's favorite waxes. If you live in a place like Texas tho, you'll need to plan on regular and frequent wax jobs and park it out of the sun, garage if you can or get a car cover.

Phil D.
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