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Take a Look at This

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I am studying High School Design and Tech (Australia)
For my major project i have decided to design and build a new front bar for my MA61 Supra.
The link is to a page that has some crappy sketches on it, take a look!
Can ppl please help me by giving design suggestions, any opinions, likes, dislikes, technical advice etc.
Thanks very much in advance.
This will be a big help.
And also if you do help can u please give your name so i can acknowledge you in my resource references.
Thanks again
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I like 2, 6, and 7. For #2, and 6 you could use the side openings as brake cooling ducts.
Almost can't decide, I like them all, lol.

I like numbers 2 the most though. The angles of the side openings give the car a nice look.

1 is nice also. Looks very unique. I'd prolly put that on my car if I could since it's a bit different and would look good on my L-type. Maybe just center the openings a little more along with the whole front unless you plan to put the license plate in the middle.

5 & 7 are different but they may look just a bit plain on a car.

On the gallery page there is a grey and also a silver supra with front bumpers kinda like 3,4,6,8 (8 being the nicest of the bunch) exept it has a bar recessed right in the middle, not sure what body kit that is from or what. Might give you an idea of what those would look like.
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I like #2, 3, 4 and 8

nice job on the drawings, I could never draw if my life depended on it :) .
They are all pretty good but the more I look at it the more confused I get on wich to pick, Ill have to say #2 8) cause that was the first that caught my attention.
Sug: I made a drawing copying a Saleen front kit, you know the same one as the mustang, and it looked pretty good.
Maybe cause the new stang has stright lines as well.
Just my 2cents :wink:
I would go with #2, though the rest look pretty cool too.

I think they all look great. #2 really does stand out the most. You planning on building a few of these??? I'm in the market for new front and rear bumpers and would love one of those.
Put me down for #2

the ducts are not only stylish, but practical... IMO (intercooler, brake cooling ducts, as square suggested...)

much better than current bodykit designs IMO because it dosent ruin the high, aggressive stance of the car, again IMO.

I also like #2... but for sifferent reasons... the center would be great for an Intercooler, the left opening would be ducted up to put "cold" air for the intake, and the right side would be ducted to cool my MSD box...
I am in the minority here but I like 5 and 7. Simple and effective. Makes the front look complete. On 7 I would like to see the lower opening the same size as the grill. Perhaps even use a stock grill. Tie it all together.
But thats just me.

thanks heaps to everyone who gave opinions and such
thanks :D
Str8 2.8 said:
thanks heaps to everyone who gave opinions and such
thanks :D
:? did you update the pics on the website? 8)
# 5, 7, or 8

i agree with will, make the opening the same size as the factory grill.

that way people with a spare grill could easily install it for the complete look.
yep i did update the pics, coz those sketches were just too.....sketchy :lol:
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