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Taking a long road trip

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A few days ago, the wife and I decided to road trip down to Florida late tonight or early tromorrow morning(Saturday/Sunday) and visit her parents in Fort Myers for a week or so. Initially we were going to take the 4Runner which is quickly coming up on 100k miles already!

I decided that we should take the Supra, I mean might as well take a road tour in a true GT as opposed to the SUV. So I took it to my mechanic for a good look over, I need a new set of bushings for the front and read end links and along the middle of that rear bar. I think I have a lead on getting a set of polyurethane bushings from a guy in Canada, I'll share how that goes and the price if it ends up working out. Pro Tech Imports I think is the name of the company.

Other than that, the Supra was given a clean bill of health...which isn't too much of a surprise. I cleaned her up today and am kind of excited to put on a couple thousand miles. I've been teaching my wife to drive the stick and christ...after watching the F&F 2, she wants to drive it all the time...right :roll:

Anyway, I'm going to watch my mpg with mid-grade and premium and probably change the oil while I'm down there. Any other suggestions?

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Well I'm back, without a problem in the auto dept. I'm proud to say...2,200 miles! I did get an oil change when I was down there and got one this morning when I got back. Now there is one issue, I had a slight engine knock at idle before I left that developed this fall and could never get to fully go away. My car is rarely driven more than 10 miles at a time so I was looking forward to getting it on the highway and drive it out. After the first two hour stretch it was completely gone, gone down is Florida both before and after the oil change, gone after I got home...and now back this evening after some fresh oil. It really puzzles me. Any thoughts? I run 10W30 MaxLife when I can, but had normal 10W30 put in it in Florida.

Wow man...old thread. I did have this fixed finally in the spring of last year. After people told me it may be bad gas and a hundred other things, I took it to a new mechanic - who is my man for everything now - who diagnosed the timing as being off. He pulled the timing belt cover and with the help of my Haynes manual found a pulley put on backwards(just one of the many fucked up things the previous owner did to the car that I didn't catch when I bought it) that caused the timing belt to jump a tad so it was running slightly off time. He fixed her all up and it's a smooth as 5m's run since then.

I realized I have little business driving MKII's with my limited mechanical knowledge, but I like them for the money. The only things left to undo from the previous owner are struts and strut mounts, and then find a good lsd diff to swap in. Open diffs suck!(even though mine works fine otherwise. After that, I finally may get to put on the CT-26 that's been in a bin with most of the other stuff to go 5mgte for two years now!

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