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Taking a long road trip

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A few days ago, the wife and I decided to road trip down to Florida late tonight or early tromorrow morning(Saturday/Sunday) and visit her parents in Fort Myers for a week or so. Initially we were going to take the 4Runner which is quickly coming up on 100k miles already!

I decided that we should take the Supra, I mean might as well take a road tour in a true GT as opposed to the SUV. So I took it to my mechanic for a good look over, I need a new set of bushings for the front and read end links and along the middle of that rear bar. I think I have a lead on getting a set of polyurethane bushings from a guy in Canada, I'll share how that goes and the price if it ends up working out. Pro Tech Imports I think is the name of the company.

Other than that, the Supra was given a clean bill of health...which isn't too much of a surprise. I cleaned her up today and am kind of excited to put on a couple thousand miles. I've been teaching my wife to drive the stick and christ...after watching the F&F 2, she wants to drive it all the time...right :roll:

Anyway, I'm going to watch my mpg with mid-grade and premium and probably change the oil while I'm down there. Any other suggestions?

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that "knock" might be the "rattle" of a slightly loose front crank pulley/ balancer from a loosened crank bolt. Those bolts call for a very high torque. I had it happen to me.
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