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Thanks to all.

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Just a quick note of praise to the people that run this forum/site, and all the members for providing an INVALUABLE resource for us "freaks". I've been reading and learning from this place for many months, and now finally registered so I too can chime in. I had NO idea so many others loved this car as I do, until I typed "1985 Celica Supra" in a search engine, found this place, and the flood gates opened. I have renewed enthusiasm for my car and now enjoy it more than ever. Thanks to all.
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Welcome abord.

Thanks for joining us. I'm sure you'll find that the only problem with this site is that it's too %*[email protected]'n addictive. Got any pictures of your ride???

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Thanks guys. Yeah some pics are viewable from my website link. They aren't the greatest quality, and it was BEFORE I shined her up. I just have to scan the newer pics and upload them. My digital camera crapped out so the old fashioned develop/scan method isall I got right now.
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