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The best way to spend $200

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I just got my tax return, and Im going to spend $200 on my Supra. What do you think would be the best thing to buy? I have an 82 5mge, air intake, stock everything else, about 145k on the engine.
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get the LJM bar... thats what im getting :D (I might even get two)
a set of tokico blue shocks all around. it makes your car feel like a new one...


200 bucks for a set of four?
A short shifter.


If you haven't upgraded your suspension, then shocks.

If you haven't upgraded your brakes, Brembo rotors & KVR/Porterfield pads.
I agree with Jim.

Here are some areas to consider:
- All maintenance items.
- Shocks/springs/strut bar/sways.
- Wheels/tires.
- Intake/Exhaust
- Turbo kit
Yeah, my state return is getting spent on a rear hatch. I found a nice one, and mine is _very_ embarassing... The whole back rusted off, and the previous owner screwed a piece of plastic on it! I took the plastic off, but there is a huge hole and it doesnt seal. Other than that, the body is decent. Shocks are probably coming next- as mentioned above about the tokico's, how much is a set of all four and where can I get them?
Tokico HP's (the blue ones)

Free Shipping!
Front - $63.52 Each
Rear - $36.08 Each

Thats the best price I have found thusfar...

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How many times do I have to say it...

Tokico's $189.00
Eibachs $219.00


Just got mine today.. They'll be going in on thurs. I'll also be doing a writeup of my experience..
I'd do exhaust next if I were you, match that imporved intake flow and get some more power. This can be done for under $200, if you don't mind it loud.
200 to spend

I would go for low restriction air filter, and handling mods/maintinance.
If it wallows thru the curves it doesn't matter how much power it has.......
where can I pick up front and rear strut and sway bars?
I was actually planning on making my own strut bars. I have a friend with access to the machines required, and I think making my own would probably be cheaper than buying/shipping one. Anyone ever done this before?
Most rear strut bars are do it yourself...there are several styles. Mine bolts to the top of the shocks and works very well.
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