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The Big Brake Kit for the MK2

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Jim, any production updates on the BBK's? Thanks.
Jim, did you say you were running Coleman rotors on the front as well? For some reason I thought you were doing Wilwoods on the front and Colemans on the rear???

I should have the cash to order the brake rotors, calipers, lines, etc. next week. When you get a chance, can you post a complete parts list for all of the additional items we will be needing? Much appreciated. If you already did this somewhere, and I missed it....I apologize.
Jim, I noticed in the pic it looked like you are using a Coleman straight-vaned rotor on the rear. Do you think it makes a big difference whether we use straight or curved vanes for the rear? I am planning to purchase curved vaned rotors for the front. I am dying :burn: for a complete parts list for the front and rear so I can start getting all my pieces ordered. Thanks.
Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but I just want to confirm, in an email you sent out to us on May 17th, you stated that the rear BBK is designed specifically for the Coleman rotors because they have pre-threaded holes. You mentioned they were about $65 each. Where did you purchase your rear Coleman rotors?

Finally, which pad are you using? Wilwood "D", Hawk Blue, R4-S???

Thanks for all your hard work, Jim!

Is Technafit still jerking you around?
Do you happen to have your rear rotor part number? Was it L81-1218-762?
Are the fronts, L125-1218-87?
Finally, is there any reason why you didn't use the Coleman Heavy duty vented rotor, H81-1218-762 which is sold for approximately the same price? Thanks Jim!
Thanks, Jim. I can get my orders out so everything is ready when your kit arrives. Any ideas on when it will be shipping?

Any luck with Technafit?
Just placed my order. Here are the details in case this will help you out.


Qty 2, WIL120-4998, $110.25 each (Front calipers)
Qty 2, WIL120-5005, $110.25 each (Rear calipers)
Qty 2 boxes, HAWHB100E.480-BLUE 9012, 56.33 each (F/R pads)

Total $553.66 not including shipping


Qty 2, L81-1218-762, 65.35 each (Rear straight vane rotors)
Qty 2, 125-1218-87, 86.05 each (Front curved vane rotors)

Total $317.93 (I have to pay Sales tax since coleman is in Michigan and so am I) without shipping.
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I went with colemans for the front cause that are supposed to be better, and I wanted consistency. Probably doesn't make a big difference, we will see.
How much for the extra fronts........1 meelliiiooonnn dollars? :lol:
Received my Coleman rotors yesterday. Wow, that little box was heavy. The rotors are beautiful and HUGE! I can't wait to put them on.
Jim, any word on the brake lines? If Technafit wont cooperate, Coleman also makes custom SS brake lines.....
Got the rear bbk on Friday, thanks Jim. Now I have 4 nice boxes in the garage ready for installation, minus 1 item.

Can you tell us exactly what length and with what fittings are needed for custom SS brake lines, front and back? Much appreciated. If all goes well, I should have them on for Toronto.
I don't mean to sound ignorant, but I thought the goal was to go from 8 to 4 lines in this process. Any reason not to?

It seems like it would be simpler to get 4 lines. I would assume the 2 in front and the 2 in the rear would be the same, respectively

So we need 4 lines with 3AN female fittings on both ends, with 1/8 NPT to 3AN male adapters at the caliper end. Any reason why we cant get lines made with 3AN female on one end and 1/8 NPT on the other end? Any idea how long they should be for the front and rear. Seems like there was talk in the past of somewhere between 11-13 inches for the front.
OK, so we need 6 lines.

Anyone know the stock measurement of the inside line on the front, will take that and add 12".

Jim says 3AN female on one end with 1/ 8" NPT (male or female?) on the other end for the front.

Christian says male M10x1 on one end and 1/8" MNPT on the other end for the front.

HELP??? Which one is it, and which one will work if you replace both lines with one?

For the back, does anyone know the lengths of the 2 lines off the top of their head. Would the first line have a 3AN female fitting on both ends? And the 2nd line would have a 3AN female fitting on one end and a 1/8" NPT on the other end?

I know nothing about these fitting you are describing, I just want to be able to call up Coleman and tell them exactly what I want. I will mention to them the possibility of several additional sets if they can make them correctly.
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Racefiend said:
Christian says male M10x1 on one end and 1/8" MNPT on the other end for the front.
You have found me out! I have taken over Aaron's body and am typing messages on the mk2 forums :evil: :evil: :evil:

Oops, sorry about that Christian, can't remember what I was drinking at the time.....must have been good!

OK, so for a single line in the front, 1 end would be an M10 female and the other end would be a 1/8 NPT male. Now to crawl under there with my tape measure. Thanks.

So my assumptions about the rear 4 lines are correct? Good.
If you look at pics 08 and 09 from the Toronto Supra Meet, you will see something new that Jim has added to his brake setup. I will let him explain what they are, why he installed them, part#'s and $$.
For those with the Braid wheels, Jim took a look at mine in Toronto, and we should have no clearance problems with the BBK.
I haven't messed with my kit yet, so i was wondering if there was any new news on the SS brake lines.
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