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The Big Brake Kit for the MK2

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BBK Status


As a new member of this Forum, I would like to know the status of the BBK adapters that have been ordered, and if it is possible to order another set in the future.

If you plan to make another run in the future, please let me know.


Many thanks
I understand. People getting in late is always a hassle.
If others fall through, I won't hesitate. I want one.

I appreciate the reply.

Wow :!:
Besides being things of beauty. Boy, are they big :!: And these are the rears. What do the fronts look like?
Try Russell Performance Products

Their Part Number is 641411 for a 10MM x 1.0MM Female Japanese to AN-3.

Yes, there IS an equivilent part that is European that is totally different.

This is endura plated steel.

Click on Brake Lines and components on the left hand side.
Click on -3 and -4 Endura Brake Adapter Fittings under the "Individual Components"

I bought this from a local speed shop and it is definitely the correct part. They ordered it in and it took about 2 weeks during christmas. If you pay more they will ship next day.

They also have an interesting section under:

Click on Brake Lines and components on the left hand side.
Click on Universal Brake Line Assemblies under the "Preassembled Lines" section.

These Teflon core Stainless Steel Braided jacket lines are DOT compliant which means that they are legal for use on street driven vehicles.

From what I've read, if you are in an accident and you do not have DOT compliant brake lines, and they are they cause of an accident, you will get your butt sued back to the stone age. The fittings are double crimped and meet quite stringent guidelines.

They are not DOT approved (The DOT does not actually approve anything), but they are designed and built with the DOT requirements in mind. This means that Russell states that they are street legal and they have Russell insignia to prove it.

Other brake parts such as calipers do not have to show DOT compliance, but they are listed as Race Only to prevent possible liability issues for the manufacturer anyways.

To get a complete DOT compliant Stainless Steel Brake Line set I mixed and matched these Russell lines for the lower half of each brake line (that closest to the caliper) and then bought a Goodridge set for stock Supras and used the upper half from this set. It is pretty expensive this way, but it seems sensible to have street legal lines.


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1 - 4 of 148 Posts
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