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The Big Brake Kit for the MK2

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well, i went ot one of the sites listed and found wilwood ultra light rotors for ~$40 each and didnt find anything that said heavy duty on that site. are these the right ones? they are the right diameter, thickness, and bolt pattern etc... im just wondering if the walls of the rotor are too thing? heres the part numbers

RH 160-3870
LH 160-3871

well, i have mastered the art of downshifting to get my car to stop real quick, so i think if the light duty rotors are working for you they should work for me. i plan to still downshift like always and the larger daimeter brakes will allow me to stop much harder without locking up the wheels. thanks for the reply, its what i needed to know.
well, the reg brakes are doing ok, just eat through rotors is all. i figure the bigger brakes will disipate the heat and hopefully i wont eat rotors faster then pads. guess ill have to save up more then planned to finish the bbk.
jdk_ii said:
I did have one for the MK3.

If I did with the MK2, it's probably gone. Hard drive crash last year.

For the most part, take a ruler flat on the inside of the weel.

Measure out 3.5-4" from center.

This is where the bottom of the caliper will be.

So, from the ruler, measure *down* 1/4". This is the outside
face of the caliper. The face of the caliper is about 2.5-3".

For max diameter, it's 7" *minimum*, from the wheel center to the outside.

Aaron ran in to problems with the Epsilon wheels, as the locking nuts
were large.
i think you had sent the drawings to me. if you want i can fwd them back. lmk.

also, where is the cheapest place to get the wilwood rotors? i recall finding them for ~$40 each on one of the sites listed. well, ive gone back and checked and havent been able to find them for that price again. any that knows where to get them cheap please lmk. thnx.
i was searching for info so figured id add this. theses are the rotors i bought

front U.S. Brake 9850-6220

rear U.S. Brake 9850-6221

and these are the pads i went with

Wilwood 15Q-6823K

forged dynalite calipers

front WIL-120-6814

rear WIL-120-6806

they are quiet, no squeeling and i havent gotten to use them alot so cant comment on dusting yet. but they stop very well for me even when not warmed up, but once warmed up holy shit. lol. im only running the front bbk at the moment. waiting on the rear adaptors from the group buy. if these pads turn out to not be enough ill upgrade to something more agressive later. i chose these asi wanted a quiet pad that wouldnt eat rotors and these seem to be exactly what i was lookin for.

all these parts available through summit.
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1 - 5 of 148 Posts
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