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The Big Brake Kit for the MK2

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Technafit is slow. Err, real slow.

Once I reach about 1/2 the disclaimers, I'll be shipping those out.

All totaled, there's over 300 lbs of all boxes combined!
I bought Coleman fronts for the original prototype.

So, I kept them.

Wilwood fronts are less expensive, about $45.

How do they compare? Don't know, since I haven't seen a Wilwood in person.
I did receive correct lines for the front.

Once I get Stuart to make the correct rear ones,
I will send him a digital photo for a reminder of what
all the lines look like.

Then they will have a part number.
FWDsux said:
Disclaimer? Is this something that comes with a BBK for legal purposes?
I sent it out via e-mail. You have to sign it and send it back
before you get your goodies.

Yes, it's for legal purposes. You bought off-road/racing parts.
Darin - disclaimer resent.

Rick - I'll be sending yours and a few other out next week.

All - There are a few fronts left. I will post here availability
once I finish sending out the pre-ordered kits.
82Spearco said:
How much for the extra fronts........1 meelliiiooonnn dollars? :lol:

10 meeeelion dollars.
82Spearco said:
Jim, any word on the brake lines? If Technafit wont cooperate, Coleman also makes custom SS brake lines.....
I need to call (pester) him again. :mad:
Yep, that's Technafit.

The benefit is fittings that match factory clips.

Actually, I think the rear BBK gives more balance.

The 1.38" 4 pot is the smallest rear pistions I know of.
82Spearco said:
Got the rear bbk on Friday, thanks Jim. Now I have 4 nice boxes in the garage ready for installation, minus 1 item.

Can you tell us exactly what length and with what fittings are needed for custom SS brake lines, front and back? Much appreciated. If all goes well, I should have them on for Toronto.
Here's what you need if Technafit doesn't get a move on (likely).

There are two brake lines for each set of calipers (stock).

The first one's can remain the same.

The second one's are like this:

Front: 1.5" longer, 3AN female fitting
Rear: 1.5" longer, 3AN female fitting.

Then I used 1/8 NPT to 3AN male adapters (aeroquip, earl's, etc)
at the caliper to mount to the 3AN fittings.

I highly reccomend *first* bleeding your existing braking system
before even considering installing any BBK. This to resolve any
existing issue, if any.
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Yes, the original plan was to use a single custom line up front.

Considering it took forever to just get the dual front line setup
from Technafit correct, I would consider it would take forever
to get a single line perfected.

Yes, you still have to go with 4 lines in the back. It's the
way it's designed.

Mind you, Stuart at Technafit is a great guy. I've talked
with him at great length. I think it's a small operation and
custom work is somewhat a challenge.
The Toyota is M10.

The Wilwood requires a 1/8" NPT (it says on the caliper).

The first install, I used M10 female to 3AN male adapter
at the hardline coming from the fender well.

Then used 3AN lines (female ends) down to the caliper. The final connect at the front was a 3AN male to 1/8 NPT male.
SilverMk2 said:
Yep, mine came today as well. Out of curiousity Jim, in the back how far does the caliper stick out past the wheel mounting face? Its hard to tell in those 2 photos you posted before.
Probably no more than a Kraft's individually wrapped slice of cheese. :wtf:
Contact Dean at

Let him know this is for the early Supra.

I still suggest the Coleman's. They are very well made.
Racefiend said:
Hey Jim, do you think the technafits for the Front will be ready before Vegas? I want to have these in by then, and am wondering if I'm better off just making some custom ones for now.

Possibly. I'm probably going to contact him after the Toronto meet.
These are brake pressure residual valves.

Both are 2lbs pressure each.

These maintain a small amount of brake fluid pressure
to keep the Wilwood pistons "primed."

What occurs with fixed calipers is the pistons slighlty
float back into the caliper. Not very much but enough
to create a slight "double pump" effect.

Touch the brakes slightly, then again and the pedal is now firm.

Nothing to worry about, but it's a "feel" that I wanted to remove.

Each pressure valve is $16 from Wilwood. I bought 3/16" lines
with metric ends at NAPA.

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Per Dean at HotRodHeaven, very minimal.
Maximum would be about 1/4" past the hub.

Most should be ok.

Where one would run into trouble if the hub protrusion
is near flat (like the Pontiac GTA wheels).
sloopercat said:
Jim, don't you have a template available to check for clearance problems? A little birdy told me you did. :patriot:
I did have one for the MK3.

If I did with the MK2, it's probably gone. Hard drive crash last year.

For the most part, take a ruler flat on the inside of the weel.

Measure out 3.5-4" from center.

This is where the bottom of the caliper will be.

So, from the ruler, measure *down* 1/4". This is the outside
face of the caliper. The face of the caliper is about 2.5-3".

For max diameter, it's 7" *minimum*, from the wheel center to the outside.

Aaron ran in to problems with the Epsilon wheels, as the locking nuts
were large.
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When I get some time, I'll take some pictures with a ruler
showing how the calipers fit.
Ophir would be the only one I know of that has track raced his MK2.

Although I haven't heard if he has finally installed his BBK.

Get some of the heavy duty Coleman's. Same used as circle track.

Even my repetitive 80mph stops doesn't make even the
standard Coleman's flinch.

quick said:
Has anyone run the BBK at the track? Does it fade?

I need hard data here -- I'm looking at building a MkII track mule. I have a line on a $500 MkII and all that I'd need would be these brakes and some wheels.

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