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The Big Brake Kit for the MK2

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Yes, I have Coleman's on the front. About $20 more than Wilwood's.

Actually, I believe the total weight is less than the stock setup.
Damn, Jim. Thats a sweet setup. That would have looked fiendish behind my C2's :twisted:

(James hits own head for missing out on group buy.) :cry: Oh.. well priorities and too many projects.
Jim, I noticed in the pic it looked like you are using a Coleman straight-vaned rotor on the rear. Do you think it makes a big difference whether we use straight or curved vanes for the rear? I am planning to purchase curved vaned rotors for the front. I am dying :burn: for a complete parts list for the front and rear so I can start getting all my pieces ordered. Thanks.
Whats the difference between Colemans and Wilwoods?


1.75” 44,5 mm 1.25” 31,8 mm 120-4998 (FRONT)
1.38” 35,1 mm .81” 20,6 mm 120-5005 (REAR)

Pads: Wilwood, Porterfield, Hawk.

Rotors: I used Coleman light duty straight vented rotors.

12.19 x 1.25, 7" bolt circle (FRONTS)

12.19 x 0.81, 7.625 bolt circle (REAR)
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Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but I just want to confirm, in an email you sent out to us on May 17th, you stated that the rear BBK is designed specifically for the Coleman rotors because they have pre-threaded holes. You mentioned they were about $65 each. Where did you purchase your rear Coleman rotors?

Finally, which pad are you using? Wilwood "D", Hawk Blue, R4-S???

Thanks for all your hard work, Jim!

Is Technafit still jerking you around?
Do you happen to have your rear rotor part number? Was it L81-1218-762?
Are the fronts, L125-1218-87?
Finally, is there any reason why you didn't use the Coleman Heavy duty vented rotor, H81-1218-762 which is sold for approximately the same price? Thanks Jim!
I bought everything from

The rears do require the threaded hole version.

You can get the HD fronts. They are *much* heavier.\
A bit much for a 3100 lb car.

I can check at home if I have the Coleman part numbers.
Looks like I got the fronts as: L125-1218-87

Rears, I don't have the number here, but there is only
one I found at Colemans: L81-1218-762

It has to have the threaded bolt holes.

I currently have Porterfields, but may consider Hawks
as they produce less brake dust.
Thanks, Jim. I can get my orders out so everything is ready when your kit arrives. Any ideas on when it will be shipping?

Any luck with Technafit?
Technafit is slow. Err, real slow.

Once I reach about 1/2 the disclaimers, I'll be shipping those out.

All totaled, there's over 300 lbs of all boxes combined!
Just placed my order. Here are the details in case this will help you out.


Qty 2, WIL120-4998, $110.25 each (Front calipers)
Qty 2, WIL120-5005, $110.25 each (Rear calipers)
Qty 2 boxes, HAWHB100E.480-BLUE 9012, 56.33 each (F/R pads)

Total $553.66 not including shipping


Qty 2, L81-1218-762, 65.35 each (Rear straight vane rotors)
Qty 2, 125-1218-87, 86.05 each (Front curved vane rotors)

Total $317.93 (I have to pay Sales tax since coleman is in Michigan and so am I) without shipping.
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ok, I see the need for coleman rotors in the rear (since they need threads). But what is the reason for them in the front instead of the wilwoods? are they better or something?

I bought Coleman fronts for the original prototype.

So, I kept them.

Wilwood fronts are less expensive, about $45.

How do they compare? Don't know, since I haven't seen a Wilwood in person.
I went with colemans for the front cause that are supposed to be better, and I wanted consistency. Probably doesn't make a big difference, we will see.
Hey Jim, what ever happend to the SS lines for the front? I'll be putting the front brakes on soon (yea, the ones I bought LAST time around), and was wondering about lines. Last I remember you were looking into fronts, and I know you've posted here that you were waiting on them for some rear stuff, so I'm not sure whats up with fronts. LMK

I did receive correct lines for the front.

Once I get Stuart to make the correct rear ones,
I will send him a digital photo for a reminder of what
all the lines look like.

Then they will have a part number.
Cool, thanks for the info guys.

Christian (who has to remember to put the disclaimer in the mail already)
Disclaimer? Is this something that comes with a BBK for legal purposes?
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