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The Big Brake Kit for the MK2

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Yes, I notice the Porterfield's pooping the dust.

I switched to Hawk Street Pads. They poop dust too, but
cleans easier than the Porterfields.

Mainly because I have 3 piece wheels, and I like low maintenance.

One will definitely eat pads faster than Coleman rotors.

Mine have little wear.
I bought mine from Porterfield's.
Coleman's are really the best choice. Regular or heavy duty.

Though the extra premium for the HD's is worthwhile. These
are your brakes, you know... :wink:
I haven't noticed much wear at all.

Not that I'm beating the brakes, but I do enjoy
the occasional stop on a dime. 8)

Ok, I do this alot.....
41 - 44 of 148 Posts
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