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The Big Brake Kit for the MK2

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sloopercat said:
Jim, don't you have a template available to check for clearance problems? A little birdy told me you did. :patriot:
I did have one for the MK3.

If I did with the MK2, it's probably gone. Hard drive crash last year.

For the most part, take a ruler flat on the inside of the weel.

Measure out 3.5-4" from center.

This is where the bottom of the caliper will be.

So, from the ruler, measure *down* 1/4". This is the outside
face of the caliper. The face of the caliper is about 2.5-3".

For max diameter, it's 7" *minimum*, from the wheel center to the outside.

Aaron ran in to problems with the Epsilon wheels, as the locking nuts
were large.
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According to what I have you need about 7/16 to 1/2" IMHO where the calipers are at in the front. My wheels are ballpark 1/8" of clearance. I'm using a 3/8" spacer now and have about the 1/8" for clearances now. I used some of those real cheapo 1/4 spacers and basically had about 0 clearance. What kills me on the epsilons is that if the mounting hardware was about a 1/16 further outward I wouldn't have this problem. The nuts on the far side just barely clip the outside edge of the caliper.
When I get some time, I'll take some pictures with a ruler
showing how the calipers fit.
For those with the Braid wheels, Jim took a look at mine in Toronto, and we should have no clearance problems with the BBK.
That's reassuring news. Thanks Chad.

Front and Rear BBK for Sale - I need a new crankshaft!

Hi, y'all

I need to put a new crankshaft in my 7MGE so I'm asking if anyone out there wants to buy the front and rear big brake kits.
These are the one's Jim King put together. I haven't even opened the boxes yet! I'm selling them BOTH as a set.

I'd love to keep them but I need the money to put into the car to get it back on the road.

Make me an offer. But please, make me a reasonable offer!

'85 with a 7MGE and a bunch of other stuff - none of it currently able to move from the driveway...
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Check the begining of the'll find plenty. If not go to the homepage...Malloy's posted them there.
WOW!!!!!!!!!! :crazyeye: :crazyeye: :crazyeye: :crazyeye: :crazyeye:
I haven't messed with my kit yet, so i was wondering if there was any new news on the SS brake lines.
since the BBK is out of production and doesn't look like its comming back anytime soon. is there any way to get the dimentions on the mounting bracket so i could have one made. thanks
I'm selling the front kit, if you're interested.

This is a new, uninstalled, first run (summer '02) kit. This includes the rotor and caliper adapters and hardware.

Due to a major house remodel and a new baby on the way, I simply cannot afford to complete the project.

Price: $300, including shipping in continental US (what I paid). Money-order only.

[email protected], if interested.

Has anyone run the BBK at the track? Does it fade?

I need hard data here -- I'm looking at building a MkII track mule. I have a line on a $500 MkII and all that I'd need would be these brakes and some wheels.

Ophir would be the only one I know of that has track raced his MK2.

Although I haven't heard if he has finally installed his BBK.

Get some of the heavy duty Coleman's. Same used as circle track.

Even my repetitive 80mph stops doesn't make even the
standard Coleman's flinch.

quick said:
Has anyone run the BBK at the track? Does it fade?

I need hard data here -- I'm looking at building a MkII track mule. I have a line on a $500 MkII and all that I'd need would be these brakes and some wheels.

Thanks, Jim.

Your write-up re: the BBK indicates total investment including calipers, rotors, adapters, etc is ~$700. Is this correct?
I'd say closer to the mid $800s range on mine. I think this is about what I paid for stuff

$130-140 each caliper
~$60 each rotor
~$60 pads (both sides)
~$40 for the outside brake lines only

Works fine on my car. It pulled the car to a nice solid stop from about 130 mph with no fade. Don't even think about that on the stock brakes. Since I'm not going to be driving the car for awhile I'm planning on ripping it all apart again and checking for cracks and such. That's my only big worry. One thing I've noticed on my Porterfield pads is that they wouldn't be last on a car thats driven a lot. There's only maybe and 1/8 to 1/4" of material on the pad. For some strange reason the Porterfields on the BBK dust a lot more than the stock replacement Porterfield.
Thanks a lot, Aaron.

Are the Porterfields pretty hard perhaps such that they'll last longer than you might expect?
As bad as they dust the wheels I can't see them lasting too long. They're supposedly the same R4S compound I had in the factory calipers. I guess you got to pay to play huh :) . At $60 a set they aren't that horribly expensive though.

Hi, guys,

I've sold both the front and rear big brake kits to Mr. Zezula in BC.
I'll miss 'em but I've already used retail therapy and the '85 has a new crank installed and is running great. And, just to top it off, MSS strikes after a long wait, and I now have two white '85's in the driveway, both with blue interirors. One with a 7M and 93K miles, one with a 5M and 185K miles. I'm a happy, sort of well-adjusted, individual again...
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