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of MSS... would be me. Thats right... After far too many months without a running Mk II (Or rather, one that will at least run on all 6 cylinders), I finalized a deal for another one today. A couple of ya may even recognize it when I post pics... All I will say for now is, it has QUITE a lineage before coming to my hands... and the car gods willing.. I will help it fulfill the ideals and destiny that its former owners hoped it would...

.. Oh, and if your in on the deal I have goin... let everyone sweat a little bit. I wanna see if anyone who has seen this car before can recognize it...

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Oh sure, keep us in suspense... Thanks......

Let's see.... You bought Malloy's Black 84???? Nah, that would be too easy, you bought Malloy's Jetta instead??? No??? Uh, you bought Malloy's POS yellow Caprice??? :lol: :lol: Try again?? Uh.... You bought Russ Matusevich's Drag Car???? :D :banme:
I think that Malloy should be banned if he sells his MkII.

Malloy has a black 84? Has anyone ever seen it? I know he has a VW Jetta and a Caprice with 22 inch rims :lol:

Anyway, congratulations on your acquisition Supra Bob. Malloy's insanity is your gain. I too will be looking to get back into the Supra fold one of these days soon enough. As it is I post here about as often as the Red Sox win the World Series. :p :p

Phil G. (NY Yankee hater)
Hes banned.
Malibyte said:
I think that Malloy should be banned if he sells his MkII.
:werd: **Malloy**=> :banme:

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Uh, you bought Malloy's POS yellow Caprice??? :lol: :lol:
Sad part is.. the hoop-die I been driving isn;t far from that... 1992 Baby-shit-brown Mercury Grand Marquis.. with peeling paint, and missing hubcaps..It'll be nice to have a REAL car once more
Yes Phil, Mikey had a Black 84 that he bought from Greg Giacchi. Has anyone seen it??? Yep, see the picture that is on the top heading (the Black MKII on the right w/ the Black Simmon's OM's). That be his (or was his)...
Sorry Chris :lol: :lol:

I was being too tounge in cheeky here. The dig was that Malloy bought it from Greg and I think he drove it once. Or was it twice. I think he forgot he had it. Since Mike owned it I saw it exactly once at the Englishtown Meet in NJ two summers ago.

As for banning him....that is a mite strong no? After all he has that basass yellow Caprice... 8) 8)

Phil G.
Congrats, Bob. Hope all is well with you.

i almost bought one today... 85, white, 279xxxkm, kinda rusty, $1500... very nice condition, as far as i can tell, but my cars got only a tiny bit more rust, and id rather spend the 1500 on fixing my car.

apparently im getting a body shell for free tho, gotta check it out tomorrow and see just what it is.
hopefully rust free and i can build it up right
yes Bob -congrats... I hope I see it more now than I did under Mike's ownership. Please bring it to Damon's on Nov 15 if you can make it!
Long time no see Bob 8), good luck on your project and congts :p

karaki said:
Malibyte said:
I think that Malloy should be banned if he sells his MkII.
:werd: **Malloy**=> :banme:

<--- :shifty: :puke: :naughty: no mk3 allowed in this forum :twak: :naughty: :rotfl:
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I have been a bad Supra fan up until now, but at least Bob will get it rolling. He also has some cool stuff to put on it ;) I had dreams of building it into a car like Jehan(supraluva) has, but I had to put my $ elsewhere...

I can say that I only put a few hundred miles on it in a year or 2, and it was never driven in rain... 8)

I want my $5 bob.

--MillyB, BillyM, RummyB, etc...
Billy... I never bet ya ;) Tho it was funny as hell seeing you dance around trying to get me to spill the beans..LOL.

Mike, most of those "Cool Parts" will be on about a week after I get them too... as well as some of the Cool parts I got on Frankie... All in all, with minimal work, I should have a very cool place to start the transition with her.

Also, for the record, I AM keeping this car as the project car (provided Mikey doesn't mind that is)... Which means, on alot of things I am gonna be looking for input/information/help from everyone... and I even went as far as to buy some webspace to continue the documentation (and to hand out the kudo's to everyone who has helped!).

Oh, and as for Mikey.. Don't ban him. He really felt bad about leaving his lovely mkII sitting unloved and unused in a garage. Besides, it just means we can convince him to buy ANOTHER one, and get another one back into the community :)
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Cool. What are you doing with your other supra then Bob? If your keeping both which one will become the real project car?

I finally have the garage I always wanted so I could do the work I've always wanted to do to my black 86, but dang it, the house needs so much work I won't get to the cars till next year! :mad: It will be worth it in the end though
Actually, once I swap a couple of parts off of it, I'm selling it... in fact, I'll be posting it up on here first when I am ready to sell it. I can't afford to have two cars right now... Tho really, its a prefect car for a 7M, 2J, or even a 1UZ swap.
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