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The lowered mk2 front end CLUNK. The FINAL ANSWER.

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Ok, so you've lowered your car with Eibachs or Suspension Techniques springs and now you have a nasty clunking noise from your front end when you hit harsh bumps that you just can't seem to locate. Well here is the answer my friends. There is nothing wrong with your car, its behaving exactly as it should. You see, the Eibachs and STs are progressive springs. This means they compress at different rates at different levels of compression. At one end of the spring are a bunch of tightly packed coils, at the other, wider spaced ones. The tightly packed ones are the softies to help make normal driving more comfertable. Now this isn't news to me or most of you either I assume, but what I just learned last night is how progressive springs work exactly. I always assumed that the tightly packed coils would compress a little more then the other ones, but still compress with them. The both of them working together at the same time to provide a comferatable ride. Well that doesn't make any sense if you think about it. The way progressives work is the tightly packed coils, the soft ones, do almost all of the compressing under normal driving. The upper ones don't do jack till you really push the car. The way the upper ones kick in, is when the lower ones have fully compressed to the point that they're touching and essientially become just a solid cylinder, then the upper ones are forced to compress and you get the stiffer rates. What we're hearing is the lower coils touching each other, and passing on the job of compressing to the stiffer coils. This normal and unavoidable with any progressive spring, YOUR CAR IS FINE. :) You won't hear this noise when you take a turn harshly as the springs are pushed into each other slowly enough that you don't get the sudden engagement, you will only get it when a harsh bump pushes your springs past the extents of the softer coils suddenly. You may not get any noise at all with new springs too. This was the case for me. I'd imagine it just took some time for the springs to break in and after they softened up a bit they started to touch more often.

Anyways, I had this epiphany while reading the technobable column about air springs in the last issue of Sport Compact Car (mmmm air springs, another topic for another thread). They explained how they work there, I don't know why this didn't occur to us before but at least we know now.
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ahh.. Thank you master post hoe, I am much appriciative of the info.. I've been trying to find that noise for weeks.
easiest way to find out if this really is the root of the noise problem, is to put a little grease on the top part of the springs. If they are touching, you'll see grease on the bottom part where it has touched.
Easy cleanup, just wipe them clean when you're done testing.
The reason why I suggest this, is that I have the Eibachs and have absolutely no noise whatsoever from the suspension (that is, after I found the top nut to not be tightening down and installing a washer below it!). I'm very alert to noises on my vehicles, and rarely listen to the radio in the Supra, so I would notice most noises...
I simply don't believe the springs are compressing that much to get a clunking noise that's audible inside the vehicle, unless you're doin' some washboard roads at mach 1!
another theory to finding this noise (albeit somewhat dangerous) would be to remove one tire off the front, jack that one up as high as you can go so that the other tire actually comes off the ground, and with the help of a friend, bounce the jacked up side so you can see exactly where the noise is coming from. This is really the only way you're gonna find that noise, methinks...
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I should add that I'm not guarenting that the clunk in your front end is this, as many things can cause clunks, but if your car was fine and you added progressive lowering springs then your going to get this noise when you hit bumps really hard. I usually only hear it going into driveways fast in my case. And like I said, I never got the noise till my springs settled\broke in\loosened up which took about 6 months for me.
I have the Eibachs and have absolutely no noise whatsoever from the suspension (that is, after I found the top nut to not be tightening down and installing a washer below it!).
You need a washer even tho u have strut bar plate (i assume u have
strut bar) as washer already ?

no, the center bolt on the strut itself. If you pull the 15mm nut (I think its a 15mm) located under the little rubber cap under your hood, I found that itdidn't tighten down enough to get the play between the strut and the pillowball (?) mount. A washer was just enough to clear up the knocking sound. Funny thing though, I only needed it on the driver's side...
You need coil spring protector gizmo's.

Alot of newer cars with factory progressive springs have them.

I have yet found aftermarket, off the shelf versions.
"coil slap" is a pretty common occurance and is loud enough for Whiteline to make "sliencers" for it, they are just a strong thin flat coil of rubber that wraps around the wire of your spring in the soft section.

Hey Guys,
After reading this thread I emailed a guy at Whiteline to find out more info since I plan to do the suspension on my Soop soon and I hate clunking noises.

Here's all correspondence so far.


I've heard a rumor that your company sells a rubber Progressive Spring Silencer to wrap around the soft coils of progressive springs to quiet their banging noise over harsh bumps. If this is true can you tell me their cost, availability, and if you have a US distributor?

G'day David,

Thank you for your interest in our Whiteline products.

The item you are after is “Whiteline coil Insulator” 10-13mm Part # K60950, or 13-18mm Part # K60951

A copy of the brochure is attached.

Our North American dealers can be found here:

You can purchase direct on line using the link below to our secure web store

Join us at


Peter Atkinson
[email protected]

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the quick reply. I've made contact with the distributor you suggested and he's doing some research for me because he didn't know which width or how much I needed to order. Perhaps you could help with that question. I'll be using the silencers on a 1985 Toyota Supra with Eibach springs and Tokico HP shocks. I had planned on putting the silencers on the front but would I benefit from putting them on the rears springs as well?
Have a good day,

G'day David,

Each pack has sufficient coil to do two springs. The brochure offers a guide to where/how to fit the coil on the spring.

You then need to determine the diameter of the wire in your coils. If you can’t measure them yourself, I suggest you contact the spring manufacturer for the relevant information on their product.

If there is difficulty in supply, you can order from our web store.

I trust the above is helpful.


Thanks Peter,
I think I'll order from your website. The US distributors don't stock that part and if I ordered from them I feel it'll be more trouble than ordering direct.

So, I was hoping one of you Eibach owners could measure the diameter of the coil in your front springs. By the way, each kit is only $8.50 but I haven't worked out the shipping yet but perhaps I could set up a mass buy and we could split the shipping.
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