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Don L. said:
For those of you who have ordered a set of RCA for the front struts, where can they ordered ? What is a good price and what range of thicknesses do they come in. I'm thinking maybe 1" or 1.5" would be good. 2' or bigger thickness would worry me a bit. I would need much longer bolts and not sure if the RCAs would have the same fitted holes as the stock strut housing. I mean like a counter-sunk hole in the bottom of the strut housing that fits onto the a raised lip on the a-arm. Thanks.
Hi Don,

I don't know the dimensions on these, but the ones from T3 (Gabe Tyler) come highly recommended from several Corolla peeps (by peeps I mean people, not the yellow marshmallow chicks).

RCA link

I'd like to know for sure what these would do for a lowered Mk2 Supra. I cannot picture how much tilt the control arm has to it right now on mine with Eibach springs. I'll try to measure this week.
Either way, they're probably cheap enough to try out, since reselling prob. won't be an issue.


Jimi B
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