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They fit, 18X9.5 +20mm and 19X9.5 +20mm with 12mm spacer.

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Okay guys some good news.

I tried a 19X9.5 +20mm wheel on the front of my '85 and it fit. I will need a 12mm spacer and it should fit just under the flare. It will be really close. The back will be no problem at all.

Pretty light as well. They only come in a polished aluminium finish. The design is a multi spoke (10 to 12) convex center and a lip about 3.5 inches in depth. If the center is not apealing to some then it could be painted black. They kind of look like Antera 321.

The person selling them has quit a few and is willing to sell both the 18s and 19s for CAN$150 each. These wheels are brand new still sealed in thier factory boxes and made in Italy. Can anyone beat that price?

I will try to post a picture of them on and off the car without a tyre though. More info then.

Cheap way to go big.
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post pics i like that rim i would like a set of 17 but 18 will work what optians do we have?
What brand of rim are they?

Would the 18's need a spacer and if not are they hubcentric?

Where in canada? I may have to drive up and get a set.
definitely interested in the 18"s

if possible, id love to see a pic of them.

how many wheels do you mean by "quite a few"?
like 12 of each, or 100s?
a 12 mm spacer might be a problem too, you may need to go with a wheel adapter instead. The problem being just finding studs long enough. The ones I use can handle max a 10mm spacer.
That 12mm thickness was just an estimate. I will have to bring the wheels home and make some careful measurements. I will try to use the thinest spacer possible.

As I said before the front is the problem. With only 9.5 inch widths available, it will be a really tight fit under the front flare.
Re: They fit, 18X9.5 +20mm and 19X9.5 +20mm with 12mm spacer

How light can a 19" rim be?

rsdeo said:
Pretty light as well
I picked up a set of the 19 inch wheels today.

They are made by MASItaly, a company that apears to be out of business.

They are the Sagitta model.

The business owner has nineteen 18X9.5 +20mm 4X114.3 and nine 19X9.5 +20mm 4X114.3 left. All CAN$150 each (this includes all taxes).... about US$120 each.

He also has a number of unfinished wheels with no holes drilled yet and the aluminium unpolished. No numbers on how many can be drilled to a four bolt pattern though.

I posted an image of my car with the new wheels on my site under 1985 at the bottom. I used Photoshop to create the image, I don't have rubber yet. The wheels may look a little smaller in real life, but you'll get the idea.

I'm just passing on the good word to my fellow MKII fans, there is nothing in it for me.
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Can I buy your old 17's?


I called and talked to them. Looks like it is gona cost $150CAN per wheel, 4% duty and shipping which I figure $30 per wheel.

That comes to about $620US. Is that figure correct? Then you gota get spacers if the 18's require them.
Also what width of a tire would you put on an 18X9.5 inch wide rim? Something like a 275/35?
Sorry, but I will not sell my 17s. I just have too much invested in them. The rubber is only 2000 kms old and useless to me without the wheels.

I would have to sell the wheels and the tyres together. Then who ever buys them will have to buy the adapters to get them to fit properly.

Why not get the MASItaly wheels? You can't beat the price.

I moved the pictures of the new 19X9.5+20mm to the links section of my page. Or go directly there...

By the way CRF_Rider nice site you've got.
I cant run spacers at the local track :( Also doesnt performance drop off as the rims get beyond a certain diameter. More rotational mass(more metal/morerubber)means slower acceleration slower cornering and a lot more stress on your stock calipers. But if your just looking for style then those are the bling-bling :)
I will probably install 245/35-19 front and 265/30-19 on the rear. Something like that anyway.

I only run the car on the road so it is no big deal.
i dont think the front set will work. on my black 83 i have 17x8.5 with a 16 mm offset so its pritty close to 20 mm well i added a inch to my outer lip and it is well past the flare. so i dont know. we will see when you get them on but i think it will be to tite with rubber on the rims. even still im interested to see if it will fit. i could use a new set of 18ns on my car. Dave
I have no idea when I will put the wheels with rubber on the car. No time and not really needed at the moment.

You are right it will be a tight fit in the front. I'm running 17X8.5 on the front too right now just as you.

I have to get them to fit, I bought a set. Couldn't pass up such a good deal and when considering there aren't too many wheels out there that will fit the MKII it makes it an even better deal.
just for fun have you tride the rim on the car? just use a jack under the arm to let the car sit like its on the wheel. that way you will see just how close the rim will be at a strate 20mm or with a spacer. get what i meen? Dave
I left a one inch adapter on the front hub and then mounted the wheel. I then lowered the car onto a rag covered brick.

There was 17mm of space between the strut and wheel, a lot more than my 17X8.5 wheel. The wheel stuck out past the flare. So if a thin spacer was used instead of the adapter I might be fine.

I could also try machining a few mm off the lip to bring it in closer to the strut or modify the strut some how

Anything is possble. Any sugestions would be greatly appreciared.
1" is like 25 mm and a 1/2 " is 12.5 or so and you have 17mm of space then you could go with a 1/2 and be back to 5mm of space but my question is how far out did the rim stick out. what kinda room are we trying to play with? Dave
A rough measurement gave my 5mm outside the flare using the 19X9.5 wheel.

I will not know exactly until I find what is the thinest spacer I can use without rubbing. I don't care if the clearance is only 2mm from the strut, there won't be any flex in the wheel and the tyre only flexes on the bottom anyway not the top.

When the car sits on the wheel and tyre properly it will lean in on the top slightly.

I'll try my rear 17X9 wheel with 245/40-17 tyre on the front. It's back spacing is the same the front 17X8.5 wheels I'm using, but the front spacing is 12mm greater. That should give a good idea on things.
re: wheel choices

I had a look at there website. Are all the wheels they feature on sale, or just the model you purchased in the 18"-19" range?

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