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This is torque

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holy crap!

I'm going out to get one tomorrow! (Quickly pulling out that $180k that has been burning a hole in my back pocket)
Too bad Bryce Danna no longer has that car.

BTW, this is what your car will do on the dyno when you only have 2 tie down straps on the back & that much HP. When Titan Motorsports did their 1131 rwhp pull on the Drag car in Vegas last year, they had about 4 - 6 straps on the rear. No shifting around.

The Benz w/ the over 700 ft lbs of torque on a street is nuts... I thought the torque rating from a 70's Buick 455 Stage 1 GSX was crazy enough.
:eek2: WOW! Awesome cars!
4800 pounds though...
4800 lbs or not, itll still hand the ass to almost every mkII on this forum... with the a/c going, stereo blasting, heated leather seats and power everything...

oh wait, thats not saying much, we have all those gizmos too, just use the 180k to put power and suspension into our cars, we already got that thing beat on looks :D
Oh yeah, 70 GS Stage II.

3 on the tree stock config would run 12.9 from the factory.

I was just amazed at 738 ft.lbs of torque at 2000 RPM
Gotta love those twin screw superchargers don't ya?!?
crank up the boost, toss on some slicks, maybe add a shot of squeeze

and chew on the Grand Nationals at the track!
Malloy said:
put that powerplant in a 190E ;)
Oh mother of acceleration.....
engine = uNF!
body = wtf were they thinking!?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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