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thought i burned out my deck

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i had my switch hooked up for an extra fan under the deck, and without paying attention, a key touched both contacts, and shorted the 12v switched line...

gawd, theres nothing quite so disturbing as the smell of ozone and the total lack of deck power, but i got lucky :)

it only cost me two 15 amp fuses, and two 7.5 amp.
just posting this as a help to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation, as i spent a good hour tracking fuses.

under the hood - horn/haz - 15 amp
under the drivers kick panel - gauges - 7.5 amp
- radio - 15 amp
- dome light - 7.5 amp

im gonna go fix my lil switch and wire that fan SAFELY now, just thought id post this while i was thinking of it.
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So you put a 12v muffin fan under your deck for added cooling? Good idea! It gets pretty hot inside that stereo console.

What you might want to do though, is tap into the wire that is connected to your switched source from the ignition. That way, when the wire is hot....the fan comes on (in accy or ign on mode only).

Or, you could do it this way: connect a 12v relay to the switchable wire coming off the deck (amp turn on wire) and provide the relay with a constant 12v source. When the deck comes on, the wire from the deck shows 12v, closes the relay and turns your fan on. When you power the deck off, fan shuts off (no need for a switch unless you really want one instead).

I may try this myself, if I can find a quiet enough fan.
i used the first option, stole switched 12v off my deck power, and ran it to a switch in the dash, mounted in the little pop out trim panel to the lower right of the steering column.

worked great, kept things MUCH cooler :)

only problem was when i was playing with the switch, id worked it loose and was too lazy to reinstall it properly, and when a key touched it, zzzt..
and the deck went real quiet.

got that fixed tho, and alls well.

i like your relay idea, a lot!
hmm, gotta pop the deck out soon anyways, i think im gonna get the proper toyota radio brackets for a supra, rather than the bent up corolla ones ;)
might as well do a proper relay install too.

as for a fan... thats EASY, hehe.
i just put an 80mm computer fan in there, cause it was the first one i had in my hand.
depending how you mount it and how much extra wiring youve got in there, you can probably fit up to a 120mm computer fan.
i think a 92mm would be the perfect compromise, and theres a few superb companies to buy fans from.
these guys are just an example, but they have some temperature controlled units like this one:
its got a little probe you could stick on the top of your deck to measure when its hot, and then the little thing will fire up to try and keep temps down.

also, try searching for Sunon and Panaflo fans... the panaflos are one of the quietest, and also super reliable.
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I have a couple of Sunon & Panaflo fans here in my shop. That's one of things I do in addition to the web stuff. I build a lot of computers. Aaron Garney's Pentium 4 2.4ghz PC is one of my machines.

Fans are pretty easy to come by...I always have extra stuff on hand. Good luck with your fan modification. Let me know how it comes out!
getting myself a 120mm fan tomorrow... hehe, i should be able to have it barely turning and still push more than enough air to cool the deck :)

the specs on the one im looking at are something like 24db at 55cfm.

relay is one of the bunch im FINALLY getting from my order of parts for the cheapo security system... yes, yes, i am still working on those, theyll soon be for sale for price of parts, plus a couple bucks.
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