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Okay, finally got my vendor status taken care of. On that note, I've got three more sets of imperfect Euro style front turn signals that are available for immediate purchase.


First up, I have two sets of Light Smoked Amber turn signals. These are in great condition, there is no actual defect in them. I just had a customer who wanted smoked amber, and thought these were a bit too light. The second picture shows them next to a smoked amber lens. I paid to have them returned and now they are for sale along with another set I had made and in stock. These are $75 each plus shipping ( $16 to the US, $13 in Canada ).

*Still available*

Next up we have a set of smoked amber turn signals. I cast these for a customer a couple days ago and then noticed a couple tiny metal flakes in the resin after buffing them up. I looked hard while photographing these and managed to find one of them again, which you can see in the second picture. I only have one set of these and they are $70 plus shipping as well.

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