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Okay, a little background for those of you who dont already know. When I got my car, it had no rear passenger caliper, disc, pads, and brake hose. I need to get them now, so I bought a cliper online, and called the local Autozone to get prices. They want a lot, and it is like a week wait to get them. Since every other car Ive done brakes on, pads were like 12 bucks and rotors like 20, I was shocked. So now I saw f*ck Autozone, Im going to get performance brakes, such as Brembo's, since it will prolly cost me about the same. What do you recommend, I want rotors and pads at all four, since they are all wearing and Id rather do it all at once.

While Im under there, I was thinking bout new rear shocks, if the price is right. If I get new shocks, and later get the eibach 1" lowering springs, would I need defferent shocks or will those work ok? Also then, what shocks should I get. Ive looked for the tokico Illuminas, and cant seem to find any. There was a set (4) of tokico hps on ebay for 170, is that a pretty fair price? Are those good shocks? What is better for a similar price?

Anything else I might want to do while Im down there?
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